TBDA - True Business Data Activation
  • What is True Business Data Activation?
  • Data Detectives - Getting the data right to discover your hidden profits
  • Data Activation - Getting the marketing priorities right
  • Activating Teams - Getting employees upskilled in using data

How Is Your Business Data Truly Activated?

There are valuable ‘pictures’ in all business data that are easily missed.

You will be delighted when you find more money without changing your business. Just by looking more closely at the data your business generates every day, our team of ‘profit detectives’ will discover the critical gaps in your customer data, who makes you money and where the hidden revenue nuggets are waiting to be harnessed to increase your profits. I’m sure you will agree there is no sweeter, shorter route to business growth than through the activation of existing golden nuggets from within.

Informed insights coupled with smart thinking and creative crm leads to:

  • Increased customer understanding and diagnosed action for new profits
  • Certainty that marketing priorities are set to actually achieve the ROI you seek
  • Upskilled staff able to operate at higher levels of capability

With 19 years of proven business development techniques and data activation processes delivering returns of between 6:1 and 12:1 you can expect:

  • Net extra responses
  • Cost savings
  • Profit release you deserve

For example, we won a DMA Gold Award for the work we do for East Midlands Trains supporting the corporate creative and strategic business agenda; and addressing the ‘so what?’ devil’s advocacy challenge, here’s a brief summary of benefit outcomes across both b2c and b2b clients. Now imagine enjoying similar bottom line benefits in your business…

… your crm business challenges wanted now!  Call the Profit Detectives: 01483 20 20 55 and ask for Rick Pullan or Richard Organ… or email to:  firstname.surname@tbda.co.uk

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