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New FMCG Tipping Point in the UK

Is your brand, maybe ones that a lot people love or feel nostalgic about, under threat? That age old issue is getting worse, namely the balance of power between Brands and Retailers. The hyper competition between the ‘big 4’ grocery superstores driving down margins, the fast rising Discounters stealing ever more consumer purse, the growth…

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How to make the most of January and Q1

“You may already know (although I believe there are many misconceptions) that GDPR (general data protection regulation) is recent UK law and now a Board governance responsibility.   The implications are extremely important for any organisation where customer end user data is part of the business model… or where you’re concerned about building customer trust and…

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How to see your business opportunities differently

No company stands still. Commercial dynamics are constantly evolving and often frustrate the progress the Board wants, because unless you’re already ahead, employees are trying to keep up with the pace of change. Here are some examples of changing dynamics we’ve recently tackled. Which one aligns with your situation? Organisations updating their website or ecommerce…

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