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Musings from beautiful Tuscany on Brexit

Heart versus Mind. Crisis Creation or Crisis Aversion. Which? First thoughts during a brief 9 day annual leave break in Tuscany (yes I did do a postal vote before leaving UK on 19 June) whilst the Italians gaze at me with mixed feelings of bemusement and consternation! … it’s a small margin but the majority of…

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How Sir Philip Green ruined my weekend

Instead of a relaxing journey home flipping through the Evening Standard at the end of the usual manic week, I see an article that really set the brain cogs whirring in overdrive around the morality and values of capitalism. The article was headed “Sir Philip Green embodies the modern capitalist”. Let’s debate that. I wondered…

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Please vote quickly

We are working with James Knight who created a universal language called iMA <>that is designed to help people understand, relate to and work with people better. James has entered into a competition, that would give him the opportunity to pitch directly to Richard Branson. He relies on votes to take him there. It will only…

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