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Is your organisation customer centric

Is your organisation customer centric? Here are 4 nuggets to get there. What a dreadful phrase ‘customer centric’! I love Tom Fisburne’s tongue in cheek humour, how he pokes fun at our industry – have a belly laugh at this Seriously though, many many business leaders think they’re customer centric.  But they’re not; they’re…

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PWC at Davos – 4 concerns that keep CEOs awake at night

  PWC at Davos – 4 concerns that keep CEOs awake at night 1.    Being ready to flex in a world of flux Brexit and the U.S. presidential election are two recent examples of how difficult it’s become to predict the future. Unsurprisingly, CEOs ranked uncertain economic growth and geopolitical uncertainty among their top…

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Part 2 – How to make the most of Q1 and 2017

From our tracking survey talking to hundreds of different companies we are finding 3 worrying discoveries: 1) 83% are worried about making the most of their data and customer knowledge to either protect or create extra revenue and profit – they’re overwhelmed by growing data volumes coming from ever increasing touch points 2) They’re concerned about increasing legislation…

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