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Some of The Specific Things We Do For Clients


We work with clients to create sales, revenue and profitability by enhancing brand-customer connection.

Our attitude and commitment is to help you make your company, your business, your organisation more successful, on whatever criteria you judge fundamental.

We’ve been doing this for over two decades across a wide range of clients in different market & industry sectors – packaged goods, b2b, charity/third sector, retail, hospitality, leisure, transport services.

Here is a selection of satisfied clients benefiting from our techniques.

Secret of Success


New Client Acquisition

Connect2 implements major projects to help commerce deliver benefits to society through unique proven community marketing expertise that builds trust from consumers in ways not previously possible.

The essential data interpretations are a crucial bedrock to deliver this success.

Jeremy Taylor, Connect2 Managing Director, affirms “we appointed TBDA because of their two decades cutting edge data interpretation and database marketing insights… they have been selected to provide the bedrock of Connect2’s unique IP community engagement dataset”.

Rick Pullan, MD of TBDA says “across the developed world there is rightly rapidly increasing concern about human rights exploitation for commercial gain. Consumers really care about provenance through the supply chain and increasingly rebel against blatant profiteering.

The combination of Connect2 and TBDA expertise provides the answers caring corporates need to succeed in making a real positive difference to society’s communities and people’s lives by addressing this paradigm shift in acceptable business performance.

Our focus is now totally dedicated to Connect2 and the Connect2 website, the UK’s leading specialists in Community Engagement Marketing.”