Some of The Specific Things We Do For Clients

How many people do you know who are brilliant with data and have bags of marketing and business acumen?

That’s TBDA.

  • We use a dynamic programme of triggers to provide the right data for the marketing programmes so that the right people get the right message with the right offer at the right time of year with right call to action.
  • We create customer and consumer databases.
  • We build them from scratch or enhance existing ones.
  • We populate them with the right actionable information.
  • We keep the database up to date to keep wastage to a minimum and observe environmental responsibility.
  • We analyse and segment the database to create the relevancy of message delivery.
  • We create, implement and measure test campaigns so that marketing investment programmes can be rolled out with some confidence.

This means you achieve better progress…

  • ‘Do effective marketing’ with less marketing resource?
  • Save money and / or improve response from better use of customer information and data analysis.
  • Fill in gaps on customer knowledge (the crucial ‘platinum rule’, treat people how they want to be treated)
  • Use clever customer information triggers from data analysis to send relevant messages at relevant times rather than blanket communication with all its inherent wastage.
  • Reduce current costs.
  • Improve ROI.
  • Create sales, more sales and / or profitability.
  • Build peoples trust in the brand and build the brand value by connecting with people in relevant ways at relevant times to engage their interest and generate desire.

These things don’t cost the earth, there is a cost-benefit analysis and payback benefit, (otherwise don’t do it), the way forward becomes clear.

We won a DMA Gold Award for the work we do for Stagecoach’s East Midlands Trains franchise – we’re part of a multi-agency resource team, but we can do it all under one roof if a client prefers.

Nice testimony though to team-TBDA’s expertise supporting the corporate creative and strategic business agenda.