How to make the most of January and Q1

“You may already know (although I believe there are many misconceptions) that GDPR (general data protection regulation) is recent UK law and now a Board governance responsibility.  

The implications are extremely important for any organisation where customer end user data is part of the business model… or where you’re concerned about building customer trust and reputation.

Fortunately there is a period of grace to give organisations the necessary lead time to get their data processes and customer connection mechanics ‘house-in-order’ before ICO enforcement is triggered in mid-2018. 

Some tasks will take a while so (if not already done) urgent action should be taken now.

Our counsel is to use Quarter 1 to scope the compliance task, allowing development of a sensible agenda & structured process during 2017 so all is done and dusted for the start of 2018 without last minute panic and the associated unnecessary costs.

It’s all about interpretation of the law and using experts to ensure an organisation is seen in the best light by customer end users. 

The good thing is that GDPR is actually a very helpful commercial development because it simplifies how to treat consumer & customer data not only in the UK but across different European countries (for those companies that trade there or hold European citizen data). 

Organisations that get it right will strengthen their competitive edge because much of the work is ‘best practice’ development and how you would like to be treated as a consumer or customer.

Organisations that get it wrong will risk being discovered and then suffer huge financial penalties (up to 4% of turnover, that’s £40K per 1million turnover!!)… as well as the corollary reputational damage.

By visualising your data and customer knowledge assets & procedures across the whole organisation, we can assess your compliance responsibility to GDPR demands plus at the same time discover revenue, cost saving and profit gaps for activation.

 The quick, smart and easy solution is to use external specialists who can expedite the progress the Board wants but which we usually find is frustrated, even strangled, by entrenched internal positions and procedures..

From over 20 years ‘on the tools’ we’ve discovered a proven blueprint process I’d like to share with you… as the pathway to maximising your customer revenues. See here for evidence and testimonials

In summary you secure two important commercial benefits for one project timing & investment – a) get fully compliant & responsible to end user customers / consumers and b) increase Gross Profit (i.e. see how to make the most of your GDPR compliant data and customer knowledge assets).”