New FMCG Tipping Point in the UK

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Is your brand, maybe ones that a lot people love or feel nostalgic about, under threat?

That age old issue is getting worse, namely the balance of power between Brands and Retailers.

The hyper competition between the ‘big 4’ grocery superstores driving down margins, the fast rising Discounters stealing ever more consumer purse, the growth of digital and mobile make solutions harder to identify and more challenging to implement measurably.

Commercial life just gets harder every day for FMCG Brands selling to consumers through intermediary shops.

There is a new ‘tipping point’ solution that uses proven technology to track shopper purchase through the buying journey that will put UK Brands back in control and build sales with more margin.

By the way I thought this info might interest you

And 4 reasons to investigate this ‘tipping point’ further:

  1. Recruit several million new user UK households for your brand and influence several million light purchaser UK households to buy ‘just once more, and more’ to increase your brand’s share of its category repertoire (for a cost of 30-40p per household response)
  2. At the same time use the technology to more forensically address specific brand sales challenges in your major accounts or problem geographies
  3. See case study evidence of a meaningful difference in brand growth
  4. Use new, clever & relevant promotional incentives that can drive non buyer penetration and light buying consumption

If this resonates let me know and I’ll share the ‘tipping point’ dynamics.


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