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Essential marketing priorities for your bottom line growth.

Share of Repertoire

Activating Data

Getting Your Marketing Priorities Right – The Strategy, The Art, The Science

Understanding your needs as a business is fundamental. As is understanding the needs of your customers, consumers, users or choosers. The common element is the individual, a human being just like you and me, with needs and wants to evolve.

The art and science is the ability to share the right message with the right people through the right media with the right call to action at the right time - in order to build your share of a customer's purchasing repertoire in your product category.

The critical trick is to treat people how they want to be treated
(not how you want to treat them).

Logically, you can only do this if have the right information on the people you do business with.

Good strategic marketing starts with a customer view. Often we fail to respect our customers as individuals and when this happens we make life harder, not easier, for them and us.

An obvious statement, but one that is crucially overlooked in case after case.

Remember, individuals make purchases… for themselves and their wider ‘household’ or ‘business’ responsibility.

They make these purchases within a preferred repertoire, which they recruit brands into, or expel, usually depending on their own research, their response to stimuli, often the marcomms method and quality.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt in our experience over the last 20 years that stands out is that the ultimate solution to increasing revenue, market share and security is the relationship quality our clients have with their customer mix, and probably that includes you and your customers.

‘Free Complimentary Guide – essential marketing priorities for your bottom line growth’ – this simple, yet refined formula ‘ms = p x rp’ is the secret to marketing and business success.

It generally produces “wows” and whoops of delight as its simplicity unfolds.

As we describe what we’ve proven are the six keys to Customer Behaviour, the penny drops and positive plans starts to emerge usually incorporating all you are currently doing, sitting comfortably with existing processes, less change and more certainty.

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Then let’s focus on your business and discuss how we start the data detectives work to unleash the potential of your data… and discover the hidden profits waiting to be harnessed.

How savvy marketers can win back their database by focusing on purpose not product or promotions.

GDPR might not be sexy or exciting but it’s the new law. For many marketers it’s best left to the data guys to sort out – after all, regulations and security protocols are rarely top of most marketers list.

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