Specifically for Restaurant Owners! How do you ensure a great customer experience each and every time?

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Let’s play a game. Let’s pretend that we’re standing in your restaurant during a busy lunchtime or evening service. I’m going to point to a customer in the corner of the room and ask a simple question for you to answer, “How would you improve that customer’s experience and make them want to return?”. What would your answer be? Would you tell me that you will go and ask them… and every other customer… phew! Would you tell me that you’re going to increase staff training, get a new chef or change your supplier? Do you know that this is what your customer wants? Will it improve their experience?

Ten out of ten for effort, but you’ve just discovered some pretty expensive ways of providing a solution to a problem that may not even exist.

Firstly, please accept my apologies, the game is not fair, you can’t provide an answer if you don’t know what the problem is. Secondly, imagine you could answer this question ‘in the moment’, and for the majority of your customers.

Imagine being able to collect your customers’ feedback and marketing information after each meal… and instantly collate your customer responses and display them in real-time via some sort of ‘Live Ops’ dashboard. You could place the dashboard in your kitchen, FOH area or head office and gain a real understanding of what your current customer issues are and just how well your service and kitchen staff are doing – ‘in the moment’, instantly… maybe something like this?

Live Ops VisualLet’s play that game again, but this time you have the technology… would your answers be different?

They probably would… if you have real-time data dashboards, staff performance tracking, an objective & fair tip-sharing tool, customer comment analysis, marketing data discovery tools (by getting peoples email opt in) and social media analysis.

Imagine if all of this can be tracked at the venue level and rolled up across your entire estate.

Would that help you build customer experience, customer advocacy and repeat visits to your restaurant?

“You must be joking” I hear you cry! “What planet are you on… there’s no intelligent data for restaurants like that… ”

I discovered this interesting little video… do restaurant experts recognise anyone?

All the best, Rick